Monday, February 5, 2018

Julie takes me to her LCS

Fresh out of (too) early retirement, Julie sent me one of those packages only she knows how to put together. A small box with something like 300 (!) cards, 2/3 of which I needed for my collection. And that's not easy to achieve ! I can't show everything here, but all the cards I scanned are new to me and were really fun to sort and look at.

Yay, Knicks cards ! They have been abysmal for the last few years (decade), but when you're a fan...I'll never collect current basketball cards, though, as Panini isn't exactly doing a stellar job...

 Always excited to get new Griffeys !

Julie is my official supplier of goofy cards (that Vicejoy is a refractor !) and anything French related.
The 'love locks' phenomenon is actually a problem, as they make grids very fragile (parts already fell in the water), because they aren't built to support 50 tons of locks. People and their clichés...

A bunch of PC ! Some old, some new...the joys of collecting a variety of players

I'm really glad I'm not an Ichiro supercolletor. There must be an insane amount of his cards out there.

Some Mets cards (I really like Topps Archives, especially the early sets) and a newly inducted HOFer !

Now, some Blue Jays cards. There were something like 160 blue jays cards I needed for my collection. That's a lot. Really. Many are from 2017, which is easier to find since I only have a handful (58 according to my spreadsheet). I haven't been really active on the trade front !

A couple of autos from players who only lasted a couple of years in the minors. But hey, it's better than I ever did !


Fan favorite from my collecting days. Nice variety of brands and styles

Calling Clemens a fan favorite would be the overstatement of the year. He did bring amazing numbers to Toronto, though. Never easy to collect someone with such an abrasive personality. But it could be worse, he could be Curt Shilling.

More beautiful cards from the 90s ! (and one from the 80s) Those were the days...

 I keep discovering new sets from the years 2000. So much to chose from...those SPx are really great.

There was a complete team set from 2015 mini, before they got all confusing with the 2017 release. I didn't know what those '51 topps heritage cards were, so I did a little research, and found out they're from a factory set. I always love getting cards I need from factory sets, without actually having to buy the whole set.

This is proof that Panini (!!!) actually gets things right sometimes. I'd never seen those America's pastime cards, and they look quite nice.

Parallels, chrome, high end, low end...the usual mix !

And finally, some cards from 2017 :

You'd think Panini would've bothered to change the photo for the Donaldson card...they changed the blurb at the back, after all. And you can give a chrome aspect to Donruss to make it cooler, it'll still be ugly. Nice try, though.

Great looking high end cards, and I especially like that National card from Bowman.

Thanks again Julie for a wonderful box of cards to sort through. It's like making a trip with you to the local card shop !

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Summer flashback

I've had some cards waiting for me in my COMC mailbox since this summer, and I figured it'd be a nice Christmas surprise to myself (I'm very good at acting surprised) to have it shipped a few weeks ago. There wasn't much (hence the long wait) but it still feels worth the $5 S&H tag.

I'm pretty sure someone, somewhere would've sent it over in a trade, but I couldn't wait ! Beautiful card.

Yeah, I don't know what got over me. I typed 'hologram' in COMC and just picked a few cheap ones. I'm a big fan of the Flintstones. And I seem to understand from the book I read about Upper Deck that cardtoons was a bust. That Cy Young is limited to...150 000 copies. Better get yours fast !

 When it comes to my PC, I try to get as many base cards as possible, along with at least one auto. This won't happen with Bo (way too expensive), so I'll settle with some base cards. Happy to add that Leaf and Topps Future Stars ones.

Same here with a couple missing base cards (I bought a couple boxes of 92 SC and somehow managed never to get this one)

You can't tell from the scan, obviously, but this is a JUMBOOOOOO card. I love those. I need more. Great looking insert too, one of my favorites from that time.

Those two I won on Ebay. They're for my HOF project, and I'm quite happy with that Bob Feller 1956 Topps. It's a little bit creased, but besides that, it's great looking.

 Ok, so maybe, MAYBE I was a tad influenced by Night Owl's Top 100 70's cards. Maybe. Maybe I even plan on getting them all someday.

 Aparicio is probably one of the cheapest HOFers/Gold glovers to collect. Even the 62 Topps cost me $3 on Comc, and they're not exactly the cheapest when it comes to vintage cards.

Finally, more for the Gold glovers PC. A couple of 1976 Topps, including that amazing Bench card.

So there you go, a little bit of everything, as always !

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My secret Santa delivered overseas

I knew Santa would probably be too busy to make the trip all over to Europe, so I told him it was ok to stop near Pittsburgh instead, that the cards would find their way to me eventually. I was way too eager to participate in Matt's awesome Secret Santa to let it pass me by this year (I missed it last year because, well, my life gets quite busy with the end of the year, because books don't sell themselves and I have to be a Santa to a lot of people so they won't all end up with 50 shades of gray in their stockings). In order for my Secret Santa not to wish he'd never entered after pulling my name, Matt agreed to hold the cards for me.

So yay, more cards !

Adam from Arpsmith's sportscard obsession  got stuck with me, and from the pics Matt sent me, he did a great job !

A nice design from a fan favorite and a brand favorite

More autos !

Another nice Blue Jays auto, and a great Griffey medallion.

Metal definitely gave us some of the strangest card designs out there. This one is almost normal !

Nothing says Merry Christmas and a big thank you to Adam like a Snoopy all dressed up for winter.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The present trading is NOW

Along with the contents of our box break, Brian also sent some extras for our ongoing trading.

My very first Topps Now card ! I love the concept, but the price tag is too steep for my taste (I wonder what the shipping rates to Europe are, if there are any). I was very excited to get that one, as it doesn't get much better than that photo. A little over 800 were produced, which is a lot for Topps Now (Blue Jays cards rarely go up more than a 300 print run), but you can definitely understand the appeal to non Blue Jays collectors also. It's a great idea for a trade though ! Plus, Coghlan is flying over Yadier Molina, which makes it count double, as Molina is PC.

 A nice on card auto of a Blue Jay favorite (well, except for that contract...) on one of my favorite sets. Bingo !

Numbered parallels, yay ! I do like that Platinum one a lot.

 More Blue Jays, including my first taste at 2017 Archives and Update. I saw the Coghlan on Nick's blog (same action, different angle than on the Topps Now, the latter being more interesting IMHO as you see his face, but I do like how the umpire is included there) and instantly put it on my virtual want list, hoping very very hard that someone would send it to me. And tadah, a few days later, here it is.

I always enjoy getting football cards, as I don't buy any. I love that Bo Jackson card !

An awesome 72-73 Willis Reed !

I knew of Hughie Jennings from his days in Detroit, and did not know he'd been manager for the NY Giants. Nice addition to my Giants collection ! Brian also knows (like Bo), that I'm a big fan of athletes that are able to compete in two sports at a professional level. Such was the case with Chuck Dressen, who was also a football player. I found out, by reading the back of that Conlon card, that he was the manager who had Branco pitch to Thomson for the Shot hear 'round the world

Brian's also aware that I love great defensive players. So, even though they're part of his Twins collection, he was kind enough to send me those Buxton cards. Nice choice ! Same with former Blue Jays great Robbie Alomar. Very strange to see him in a D-Backs uniform.

More PC ! Including a Hernandez/Mattingly combo

I'm officially adding Baerga to my offical PC. Brian probably sent me 3/4 of my collection so far !

thanks a lot Brian, another amazing and thoughtful selection of cards. That Topps Now is a perfect idea !

Monday, October 30, 2017

The results are's a box break !

My two partners in crime showed their end of the box break held by Brian, yesterday, and now it's my turn (I'm just fashionably late). As you know by now, Brian picked a box of 2017 Stadium Club. Caring mainly about base cards myself, needless to say that this was a real treat to me ! Now that prices have gone down, I absolutely need to net a box for myself. That set is simply too amazing to pass.

First off, the autos. I have no idea who Hazelbaker is. But that's the case with most SC autos. Brian pulled this Morales auto from another box he bought for himself, and he was kind enough to forward it to me. I didn't know they did sticker autos in SC, but it's still real cool, and there are only 10 copies of that parallel ! I was looking through my cards earlier today, and is it me, or was his first name Kendry at the beginning of his career ?

Some inserts with a world series feel to them. Well, to Seager, that is, Urias is in triple A. The Seager is one of those annoying parallel inserts.

 More parallels ! I honestly don't really see the point in these, but I guess they come with any card territory now.

 This one I like, though. Chrome is always a nice addition, plus Arenado is a player I follow closely.

I had absolutely no 2017 Stadium Club (maybe a contact sheet insert but that's it), so those are very welcomed. I like that red jersey, and the photo choices are good.

More Blue Jays. I think I only need a couple more for the team set (Stroman and Morales)

And now, for some favorites from what I got in the break :

 That Ted Williams is amazing, and it doesn' t get much better than those orange uniforms.

 That Gehrig card would make a great framed poster

And finally, more horizontal greatness

Thanks Brian, another great choice of boxes and another huge success !